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Thank God for Abortion Pill Reversal.

Dr Monique Ruberu
Dr. Monique Ruberu
Philadelphia, PA

To date, over 300 birth mothers and birth fathers have been helped with individual adoption plans.

Adoption By Choice
Erie, PA

We’re saving babies scheduled to die in abortion clinics.

Jeremy Samek
Jeremy Samek
Harrisburg, PA

We empower vulnerable young moms and dads every single day.

Amy Scheuring
Amy Scheuring
Pittsburgh, PA

What We Do

We’re here to equip you to grow the pro-life movement. Whether you are seeking information on the value and development of unborn children, statistics on the state of abortion in Pennsylvania, or the current laws in Pennsylvania — including what we’re facing if Roe v. Wade is overturned — we can help. We have the resources you need to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Pennsylvania, expert speakers who can inform and advise your local pro-life group, and the experience to help you build your own grassroots movement in your community.

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Why We Are Pro-Life

Few videos capture the value and dignity of human life like Live Action’s “Meet Baby Olivia.”

Abortion has taken so many lives and harmed so many families in Pennsylvania.

This must change. Together, let’s change hearts and save lives in Pennsylvania.

Existing Law in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act can be found in Title 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, beginning with section 3201. (18 Pa.C.S. §3201, et seq.). Here is an outline of current restrictions:

No abortion shall be performed or induced without the informed consent of the woman which shall be given at least 24 hours after specific information has been provided to her to enable her informed consent. (18 Pa.C.S.§3205)

No abortion may be performed or induced except with the voluntary and informed consent of the woman. At least 24 hours prior to performing an abortion, the physician who is to perform the abortion must advise the woman of the probable gestational age of the unborn child, the nature and risks of the procedure, alternatives to the procedure and the medical risks associated with carrying her child to term. The physician must also offer to make written materials available to the woman and must inform the woman that Medical Assistance benefits for prenatal care and childbirth may be available to her and that the father of the child is liable to assist in support of the child. The pregnant woman must certify in writing that the information required to be provided to her has in fact been provided. (18 Pa. C.S.§3205)

A physician may not perform an abortion on a pregnant woman less than 18 years of age without the consent of the woman and at least one parent. There are exceptions to this requirement including a medical-emergency exception and in circumstances where a parent or guardian is not available. There is also a judicial-bypass exception that allows for the woman to petition a court to authorize an abortion where both parents refuse to consent to the abortion or the woman decides not to seek the consent of a parent. (18 Pa.C.S.§3206)

No abortion may be performed on an unborn child with a gestational age of 24 weeks or older except in cases of medical emergency where a physician certifies in writing that the abortion is necessary to prevent either the death or serious injury to the woman. (18 Pa.C.S.§3211)

What are we facing in Pennsylvania if Roe is overturned?

The pro-life movement is at a watershed moment in America. The U.S. Supreme Court appears poised to cut back on or overturn Roe v. Wade with its ruling in the Dobbs case. Whether the Court overrules Roe completely or even chips away further at Roe, the decision is expected to shift this battle to the states. Each state will decide whether it will protect the dignity of life to the extent that it is permitted to do so or, on the other hand, maintain or even expand abortion. Activist judges in at least 12 states have already preempted future legislative efforts by declaring a right to abortion under their states’ constitutions and striking down certain state restrictions on abortion and abortion funding. In those states whose courts have already invented a right to abortion which does not rely on Roe and which is independent of the federal constitution, the outcome in Dobbs will have little impact.

In Pennsylvania, the abortion industry has not been successful getting its wishlist of taxpayer-funded elective abortions and no-limit abortions through the legislature. As such, it has turned to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a case called Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services in hopes of inventing a right to abortion and forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions. Therefore, as we await the Dobbs decision from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court may be poised to create a right to abortion through its anticipated ruling in Allegheny Reproductive Health Center. If the PA Supreme Court agrees with the abortion industry, it will strike down Pennsylvania’s current law that prevents funding elective abortions with taxpayer money. Furthermore, if the Court finds an abortion right in the Pennsylvania Constitution, other abortion restrictions are in jeopardy, including the prohibition of abortion after 24 weeks, the 24-hour waiting period, informed consent provisions, safety regulations that protect women and other protections for the unborn.

Where We Are Pro-Life

Pregnancy Centers Are Pro-Life. The abortion industry claims to care about women, but women and babies die as a result of this dark industry. On the other hand, pregnancy resource centers offer an array of free, life-affirming services to women and families:

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pennsylvania Resources

National Resources

Alliance Defending Freedom – National Pro-life attorneys

When We Are Pro-Life

The pro-life community is saving lives, one child at a time.

Can you reverse the abortion pill? Yes.

Abortion Pill Reversal is Real. Abortion Pill Reversal is Saving Lives.

  • [Embed] Doctors Saving Babies Via Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment
  • “A scared young girl went into 777 Appletree and took an abortion pill. She later regretted this choice and searched the web to find out if anything could be done… Soon after I met her to do an ultrasound and make sure the sweet baby was still alive -> and she was 🙂 Thank God for Abortion Pill Reversal.”Dr. Monique Ruberu
  • “Charis” had started an abortion process using a procedure known as the abortion pill. Like so many women in her situation, Charis swallowed the first set of pills then experienced immediate regret. She walked out of the Planned Parenthood clinic in tears then frantically began to search online for hope. She Googled “can I stop the abortion pill?” and found a hotline number called Abortion Pill Rescue. Within minutes she was connected to Gloria, our WCN Nurse Manager and the rescue of Charis’ little one began. When Lexi, our sonographer, reported that she saw the heartbeat on the screen, Charis cried tears of joy, relief, and hope. Her baby was safe.” – Amy Scheuring, Executive Director – Women’s Choice Network
  • Over 2,000 women have given birth to healthy babies after reversing their chemical abortions.” – Hope Pregnancy Center

Are there laws against coerced abortions? Yes.

If you are counseling someone being coerced into having an abortion, we can help! For free legal representation, call the Independence Law Center at 717-657-4990.

National perspective

Never Forget: Kermit Gosnell

40,136 – Total number of abortions reported to the PA Department of Health by Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” facility in West Philadelphia.

Watch the documentary:

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